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Indonesian Armed Forces ( TNI ) has had a specific strategy to create peace in the border region , pascaperistiwa crossfire between separatist groups and security forces , in the region of Skouw , Papua .


" Therefore , we give the strategy and give justice to the welfare of the people of Papua . How do our duty in teriotrial ? We distributed the budget for the people . So that people become more prosperous and more diayomi maximum, " said Chief of Staff of the Army , Gen. Budiman , at Army Headquarters , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/07/2014 ) .


Budiman said , the current commotion in Papua can be addressed properly . “The search for the perpetrators still in diplomatic communications . We ask the TNI commander to coordinate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Foreign Ministry ) for this problem , the current commotion on the border of Papua and abroad , we can watch closely , ” he said .


If the threat of Indonesian sovereignty back occurs , it will take actions strictly . “If they get in then he was armed and then we’re after , baseball problem . Yesterday Pangdam asks TNI commander to coordinate , because yesterday he was shot outside the border , said baseball can get into the region . We only shoot in our region , because the shot still be countered , because it is self-defense but should not be pursued , ” he concluded .


Known , the crossfire between security forces and members of paramilitary groups (BCC ) on the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) . Occurred on Saturday, April 5 at approximately 09:00 CEST , shortly after a group of armed civilians waving flags ” morning star ” in the flare tower at border between the two countries .


As a result of the incident , Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare Jayapura City and a member of the Army Tugino injured by shattered glass building hit by a bullet . They then immediately evacuated for treatment in Jayapura .


This “specific strategy” to seemingly “create peace” consists of pure Counter-Violence, which won´t EVER create any peace at all. 0:-( This whole hypocrisy about “peace” is just our sad comment on what we have accepted INSTEAD of seeking real needs, vulnerability, responsibility and trust. Our painful vicarious satisfaction for peace is nothing but ARMISTICE or TRUCE !!! :-(

Civilian Armed group leader Mathias Wenda , Saturday morning ( 04/05/2014 ) to make restless people living in the border region Skouw , District of Muara Tami , Jayapura . This disturbing incident that occurred at around 05:30 local time this morning .

The group numbered about 30 men, mostly dressed in camouflage there and some being seen carrying a rifle action roadblocks, burning , shooting of border tower RI ( Republic of Indonesia ) - PNG ( Papua New Guinea ) , and the flag had The morning the flare tower at the border between the two countries.

Contact battles between groups with the Mathias Wenda apparatus combined military / police who took to the site to repel rioters . Until 10:20 CET gunfire still ongoing . In addition to the action of CLA group also has hurt the joint security forces TNI / police who was in charge of securing the location . Jayapura police chief , Assistant Commissioner of Police ( AKBP ) Alfred Papare , hit by splinters of glass lighthouse . One member of the Intel 1701 District Military Command Sergeant Major Jayapura military Tugino bullet fragments hit in the head , and a police officer was shot in the leg .

Kasdam XVII / Cenderawasih , Brigadier General Hinsa Siburian , directly led troops at the border Skouw - Wutung to dispel and chase the rioters who seeks attention by creating a situation that is not conducive ahead of legislative elections in 2014 in the area of ​​Jayapura .

Until this news was revealed pursuit process is still underway to law enforcement against criminal offenders . Security forces have acted quickly to remedy the situation and circumstances that could inhibit the activities of people around the border between Indonesia and PNG .

OPM separatist group lowered the flag at the RI - PNG Border Post Skow precisely in Jayapura , Saturday, April 5, 2014 . They then raise the Morning Star flag is a symbol of the struggle of the OPM .

The separatists were estimated to be about 40 people were shooting tower and burn billboards around the TNI post Skow .

17 Military Command spokesman Lt. Col. Arm of Paradise Hikas Hidayatullah justify the action . ” The separatists burn billboards and lower red and white , and then raise the Morning Star , ” said Hikas .

According to him , the group was carrying a firearm and opened fire tower at the Border . ” They are expected to bring six shoots senpi , after they fled to the region ended PNG , ” he said .

One member of the Intel Unit 1701 District Military Command Sergeant Major Tugiono Jayapura on behalf of the affected tower shot glass splinters separatists . “Members of the affected chips have been referred to the hospital Marthen Indey , ” he said .

Currently the military and police still in pursuit of the rebels , while the Morning Star flag was raised to the tower has been lowered .

Papua Police spokesman Pujo Sulistyo Commissioner , said the paramilitary group that seeks to disrupt the economy around the border by shootings and arson . ” They damage the car wash place and burn it , then fly the Morning Star flag , ” said Pujo .

Police Chief Alfred Papare Jayapura City and its members , went straight to the scene . ” Police with six members of the group had watched the action from a distance , ” he said .

When it suddenly armed group opened fire tower border , until the glass is broken . ” Pieces of Glass tower injure hands and feet as well as the Police Sergeant Tugino temple , ” he said .

After the action , the actors run away towards the area of PNG . “The situation is under control , the police chief and Sergeant Tugino also healthy . “


Blonde hair, cafe au lait complexion, and a smile as wide as the day is long…
… definitely Ni-Vanuatu


Blonde hair, cafe au lait complexion, and a smile as wide as the day is long…

… definitely Ni-Vanuatu


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